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Arté Tracks, France

Whether as a circus artist or as an icon in horror films – the clown is the undisputed master of nervous smiles. For many, there is something sinister about it. But there are clown fetishists ("coulrophiles") or simply fans who see a special drain valve in the red noses. The "Clowncore" trend they created achieved 300 million clicks on TikTok. The clown, whose outfit is reminiscent of a walking pride flag, also inspires young queer people like Roo from London to create a new, non-binary drag type. In Oxford, Dolly Pierrot works as a cook by day and as a performer at night. The clown fetishist is a fan of "Balloon Swallowing" and makes fun of the SM scene, which in her opinion is far too serious. Dixie Dread is a fan of Ronald MacDonald and Pennywise and invented the burlesque clown show with the "Clownelesque".

Cameraman Sam Campbell